Python Use Cases

This reference sheet maps common Python use cases to solutions.

Use CaseHow
Simple python apps running in the cloud to schedule tasksUse
Scrape PDFsFor text: Pymudf libary
For tables: Tabula-py library
Generate PDFsFPDF library
Make simple websiteUse Flask
Scrape information from browser rendered web pagesUse Selenium
Scrape information from web page without browser renderingUse Beautiful Soup
Pull in data directly from a web serviceUse Requests library with JSON parsing
Pull in then parse a CSV fileCopy the URL, use Requests, then Pandas
Create a webserviceDjango or Flask.
(Flask is better for small web apps)
Online free Jupyter NotebookDeepnote
Sending MailOption 1: Smtplib
Option 2: Yagmail (simpler but third party)
Make web calls – GET/PUT/etcRequests library
Work with dataframesPandas library
Overload operators__add__
Make local desktop appUse PtQt6